Motivated Traffic
Facebook and Foursquare integration to reward check-ins.
Intelligent SMS
Sharable coupons and offers delivered when you want over text.
Data That Delivers
Segmented tracking to measure, test, refine and optimize.
Marketing Solutions for Franchises

Tap into the local franchise market to interact directly with customers, drive walk in traffic and boost in-store sales with a franchise marketing campaign powered by the industry leading NextBee platform.

With our technology you can reach out to customers by:

  • Rewarding traffic - Facebook and Foursquare integrated with your loyalty program lets users earn points, awards or coupons with check-ins every time they enter your establishment.
  • Customer loyalty cards, coupons and gift cards all in one convenient location .
  • Engaging over SMS - boost traffic on slow days by sending specialized text offers and coupons that users can share with their friends.

Your dedicated and knowledgable NextBee account manager will work closely with you to devise a strategy tailored to your local audience and marketing objectives. Then, based on your preferences, our design team will build every thing needed for your program in a few short weeks and send you customized setup instructions, allowing you to run a sophisticated campaign with very little IT work from your team.

Expand the reach of your loyalty program by offering special rewards, points or offers to members simply for walking through your door using check-ins on social media sites. NextBee integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Foursquare apps so that whenever someone enrolled in your program enters your establishment all they have to do is open the app on their phone and check-in: our system will automatically allocate points to their loyalty account.

To further the pull they feel towards your brick-and-mortar store, NextBee can be used to integrate your loyalty program with cutting edge mobile wallet apps such as Passbook and Google Wallet. Your customers will no longer need to keep track of physical loyalty cards or paper coupons. Instead, their VIP member cards, gift cards and coupons will all reside in one convenient place on the device they never leave home without. These can be used to send push notifications to customers when they're in the vicinity of your store. Once they're inside and ready to check out, they simply need to open one app and show a 2D scannable bar code to the cashier which can be read by most POS systems.

In addition to providing best in class solutions that automate and maximise traditional DM techniques - paper mailing, email coupons, QR codes - NextBee is breaking new ground in one of the most effective emerging marketing avenues: SMS messaging.

With our portal you can build a list of mobile numbers and easily compose, send and track mass text 'mailings' to your customers. Your program manager can send coupons at regular intervals - daily, weekly, monthly - or special offers on slow days or holidays for an immediate boost in traffic. Customers can forward the messages to friends and redeem them by showing their phone to an employee, reading out the code, or (depending on your system) syncing at POS.

SMS marketing can also be used for a variety of other ways to increase mobile engagement: run sweepstakes with text notifications for winners, gather feedback with dynamic surveys or segment your list and send personalized messages - reminders, appointments, availability - to customers in your database.

End-to-End Tracking

Keep track of all the new foot traffic, sales and social buzz your franchise marketing generates with NextBee's best-in-breed analytics software. Our intuitive dashboards can be used to create segmented reports which can be viewed by:

  • Response Rates
  • Referrals
  • Customer Tags
  • Date Range
  • And many more...

All your data belongs to you - we will never share it - and is stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo so if there's ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.

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